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BBC Radio 4 logoBBC Radio 4 program, Making History, will be helping out with questions the digital:works ‘Our Working Life’ project has raised.

Research has raised questions about the similarities of the country’s finances after the war and now. With UK debt now around 60% of GDP – after the Second World War it was well over 180% of GDP. While nowadays it’s all about cuts, then there was massive investment in housing, industry, the birth of the NHS, starting of universal welfare benefits and investment in arts and culture. This investment went onto help provide three decades of strong economic growth. Why the big difference, is it just a political choice or is it down to the different world situation and the UK’s place in it?

This question will be the lead item on Radio 4’s Making History, which airs on Tuesday 15 March at 3pm.

The project was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and is being delivered by a partnership between Poole Museum, the Happy Snappers and arts and educational charity, digital:works. An exhibition based on the project will open at Poole Museum on 9th April 2011.

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  1. History is an important part of what makes us who we are, where we have come from, we can’t change the past we can only look at the errors we may have made and make sure that we don’t make them again. Without historical research we would not know all of this and it is vital that sites like Wikipedia and other resources are kept going so we don’t forget the past. Many historians collect stock certificates and other forms of ephemera because of the valuable historical content they hold. These direct sources are nearly always accurate because of their unbiased nature, so they offer a treasure trove of information to historians and others interested in the history of a company or industry.

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