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This month sees digital:works launch its brand new customer-focused, interactive website. The site,, is designed in direct response to digital:works research into what our clients really want to see.

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Digital:works, an arts and educational charity that operates across London and the South West of the UK, has totally re-designed its website to showcase the ever-expanding range of projects it is involved with.

On the home page we will now be highlighting particular projects. These show the capabilities of the charity and allow visitors to quickly see a range of different creative processes we engage with.

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While the news section shows extracts from the last ten news items, where people can follow links to find out more about specific items. The idea, again, is that people can quickly see the wide range of quality activities digital:works are involved with.

Joe Stevens, digital:works participation worker said: “We are in a tough market and our clients rightly expect a good deal and a professional service. At digital:works we know that our projects are not only the very best available but also that we listen carefully to participants of our projects. As a result, we continue to refine our services to greater meet both our clients and our participants needs now and in the future.”

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